Holiday Tee / Black

Over the years, we have been on the search for the perfect plain tee. Through years of trial designs and fabrics, we have come up with the perfect plain tee. Introducing The Holiday T-Shirt - the only white tee you’ll ever need!

With an oversized, yet slim fit this tee is perfect for a stylish, minimal look. Rounded back finish and backstitch to make it stand out from your average staple.

The Holiday T-Shirt is made from Micro Modal cotton. Softer and 50% x more breathable than normal cotton, you won't find a more comfortable fabric for a shirt.

Made with 100% 140gsm Micro Modal Cotton Blend which is prized for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage - you can get into that pit and still feel fresh! We added a backstitch to give a more flexible rounded neck to don those silver chains. 

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